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About Us

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About Entrepreneur

Love Tanwar, who has been working in this field since 2013 in real estate.
After 2017, as a project head, he worked with a well organized real estate company until 2020.
He has started his own business from 2020 to onwards. Love Tanwar works on principle of STAR .


As you know our company name "Astral STAR Realty" 


STAR stands for 


S stands for services, ASR provides you with the best  service to life time.

T stands for Transparency, as  you all know a transparent deal is very necessary. Nothing should be hidden from the customer ASR, never hidden from anything.


A stands to Assurity, and we assure you on time delivery and assure you for timely possession.


R defines  return on investment. A better return is vital for every investment  we suggest only for those projects that give you better return.


Astral star realty has started working in the market since 2020. 
As well as today, we have 400+ happy customers.
Our experience  is fostering long term relationship  with our renowned investors  and purchasers through seamless services ,seeing possibilities at the right time ,and taking full advantage of them. We work  for you to give the best dream home as well as investment for return.


USP of our company 
1 - we work on your requirements and suggest the best and most luxurious property in your budget.
2 - we suggest only those properties that are timely possessions.
3 - we suggest you sound builder after analyzing the builder profile and project.
4 - we didn't hide any charges or discounts from buyers.
5 - Our service starts from the day of 1st meeting to long life time.

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